Renault KWID looks way better as an RS image

Well, better than the standard model that is, because this still isn’t winning any beauty contests.

Trying to tell if the Renault KWID is an appealing ride is like asking a man to say if another man is handsome or not. This is pretty much impossible but we can tell in this case is that the KWID RS looks better than the regular version of the vehicle. The compact crossover pictured below exists only in the virtual world because it is nothing more than a simple rendering which has been put together by side skirts, the bumped wheel arches, updated hood, the silver trims and, of course, the five-spoke silver finished wheels covering some red brake calipers.

Keep in mind that chances of Renault producing an RS version of the newly unveiled KWID are the same of Dacia unveiling a convertible Logan. But even if we might be wrong, don’t expect a lot of power from this small crossover because chances are it won’t go over the 140 HP mark. The current variant has a 0.8 liter engine under its hood which is connected to the 5-speed manual transmission. These are pretty much the only technical details we have on the crossover at this time but wait just a few more weeks before Renault will finally tell us all about the model. Meanwhile, you can check it out in the photo gallery posted below and, if you think that this is hot, dream about the one pictured above.