Renault Kwid’s engine is reportedly rated at 57 HP image

The engine under the hood of the new Renault Kwid is rumored to produce a total of 57 horsepower.

The newest addition to the Renault lineup is a small crossover aimed to the A-segment, which will be positioned in the range right below the current Captur. The model is called the Kwid and it has been officially unveiled just a week ago. Even so, despite the official presentation, the car manufacturer didn’t release any performance specifications on the small car but now, thanks to a new report, we actually know how much its engine is capable of putting down.

The three-cylinder 0.8 liter naturally aspirated gasoline burner is apparently rated at 57 HP (42 kW). The announcement hasn’t been made official at this time but it makes enough logic considering the fact that Renault is aiming the new Kwid towards the Indian auto market and keeping its costs low is the main difference between developing a best-seller and a not so popular vehicle. The 57 HP are being sent to the front-wheel drive through a 5-speed manual transmission, offered in standard, which is said to be joined later on by an automatic gearbox with a rotary shifter. Rumor has it that the Kwid will also receive a diesel engine, which will be more powerful than the current gasoline unit, but this still has to be confirmed. Additional details on the performance specifications of the small French crossover remain unknown for the moment.

Source: team-bhp