Renault Laguna could come as a crossover in 3 years image

The French based automaker Renault is planning to develop a crossover based on the Laguna model which might hit the market in 3 years.

According to the British automotive journalists at, Renault is taking into consideration making a new model, which will come as a crossover based on the popular Laguna. Our source is also telling us that the new Laguna might be styled into a new direction pretty soon, but this decision will be taken in the next three months. If the Renault officials will give the green light on the Laguna crossover, the new model might hit the market in 3 years, but it will be radically different from the current car.

“If the next-generation Laguna is the same as the current one, then there’s no way it will be a success in the UK. We are still thinking of a new kind of a car, possibly a crossover”, as the Renault UK boss Thierry Sybord, told

Sadly we don’t have any extra details on the Laguna crossover which might hit the market in the nearby future, but the French officials will definitely tease it ahead of its debut. As a reminder, the Renault Laguna is a large family car made by Renault, being launched in 1993. The second generation of the vehicle came in 200 and the third generation went on sale in October 2007.