Renault Megane RS275R might lap the Ring in 7:45 image

The upcoming Renault Megane RS275R is believed to lap the Nurburgring in an impressive 7 minutes and 45 seconds, once it will be introduced.

The French based automaker Renault has been teasing out a “mysterious” model for the last couple of weeks as this will be a hotter version of the Megane RS Trophy, called the RS275R. According to some recent reports, the model in question will be able to complete a lap around the famous Nurburgring track in just 7 minutes and 45 seconds and this basically means that it will take the crown back from the Seat Leon Cupra 280 for the fastest production front-wheel drive car around the Ring.

A time of 7 minutes and 45 seconds on the Nurburgring will basically mean that the front-wheel drive hot hatch will be faster than the current record holder, the Seat Leon Cupra 280, and also than models like the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, the Audi R8 V10 Plus or the BMW M3 GTS. The Renault Megane RS275R will be getting a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine under its hood, with more than 265 HP (195 kW) and 360 Nm (265 lb-ft) of torque, thanks to the Akrapovic exhaust system. The model will be officially unveiled on the 16th of June.

Source: Caradisiac