Carlos Ghosn, the alliance’s CEO sees the global automakers doing really well this year as the demand continues to rise in China and the US, while Europe is finally growing again and shedding an almost six years slump.

Ghosn is confident in this year’s prospects, talking on the sideline during the opening of a Nissan plant in Resende, Brazil.

“There is a big recovery coming in Europe” and everywhere he sees “lots of bright spots in 2014, and without any doubt you are going to have a lot of car manufacturers preparing for the future,” the CEO said.

With sales “booming” in many developing countries in Africa and the Middle East and with the first and second world markets flourishing, the Renault-Nissan alliance CEO has its eyes set on the emerging markets, with Brazil chief among them.

“There is tremendous growth embedded in producing locally,” Ghosn said. “We have no doubt about the potential of the country. Now the speed at which Brazil is going to move all this potential will depend on the economic policy of the government of Brazil and also depend on how much investments are being made in terms of infrastructure. We are going to watch very carefully.”

Nissan yesterday opened 2.6 billion reais ($1.2 billion) factory in Resende, in Rio de Janeiro state and will manufacture Nissan’s Platform V models with a 200,000 cars and 200,000 engines annual capacity.

Via Automotive News Europe


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