Not long ago, Carlos Ghosn, the French-Japanese alliance chief executive, announced publicly the automaker’s goal for the years to come is to break into the fabled global top three of carmakers.

Today, although being high on the list doesn’t necessarily translate into the highest margins as well (but is sure to help in that strive), the world’s biggest three automakers by sales volumes are Japan’s Toyota, Germany’s Volkswagen AG and America’s General Motors.

Now, the CEO of Renault-Nissan said that ultimately, for him and his team of executives, the goal for the company is to enter the fabled top three, and now further elaborated on the subject.

“Fifteen years ago, the largest carmakers were not necessarily the most competitive. It is now increasingly difficult for small players to remain competitive,” said Ghosn. Renault-Nissan “is not yet among the world’s largest carmakers, but we are not far away.”

The executive says that ultimately the carmaker will not seek to achieve this goal by any means, but it would implement measure that would help achieve the goal – which brings cost cuts and massive economies.

For now, the automaker, which is currently No.4 in the world, has quite a stride to catch up to the top three players – in 2013 Toyota sold 9.98 million cars, VW Ag delivered 9.73 million and GM totaled 9.71 million, while Renault-Nissan managed to sell 8.3 million units worldwide.

Via Automotive News Europe


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