Renault-Nissan is the world’s biggest carmaker for half of 2017 image

With the first six months of the year well passed, automakers are rushing to post their financial results for the period – and surprising or not, the world’s top automakers have exchanged places.

Specialists know the chief executive of the Renault-Nissan alliance has promised the company would take the title of the world’s largest auto manufacturer by the end of the year, and at the halfway mark he has held true to it. Deliveries jumped 7 percent at the French-Japanese alliance via strong figures posted by Nissan in Japan and Renault in Asia and Africa. Sales of 5.2 million units were recorded January and June this year, for a clear lead against the ailing VW Group. Meanwhile, Toyota – once the undisputed champion – is only third.

Among Dieselgate issues and other accusations, VW has barely remained afloat, with a 0.4 percent surge, mostly thanks to strong cases from SEAT and Bentley! They were the best performers – at 13.7- and 30.6-percent growths respectively, while the overall figure was tanked by the Volkswagen (+0.3 percent) brand and the faltering Audi (minus 4.7 percent). Outside of the top three, fourth placed Hyundai-Kia dropped massively almost 8 percent due to sluggish China performance, followed by the PSA Group, FCA, BMW and Daimler.