Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance claims top worldwide sales spot, but with a catch image

There’s something incredibly stirring for automakers to fight for the top spot in terms of sales internationally, although as a business they should actually focus more on profit margins…

Yet the mirage of claiming to be the ruler of the world – even in terms of automotive sales – is certainly alluring. It’s only natural this could spark some controversies, especially today when automotive groups have everything in their componence, from motorcycle to truck manufacturers. For 2017 the conundrum doesn’t revolve anymore around the Japanese from Toyota or even the Americans from General Motors, relegated to the third and fourth position, respectively, according to predicted sales. The fight at the top is between the Volkswagen Group – which claimed for the first time the prime position in 2016 and another surprise contender.

It’s the newly extended alliance of France’s Groupe Renault, along with Japan’s Nissan and Mitsubishi. Volkswagen ended 2017 on a very high note, despite the ongoing fracas with the Dieselgate scandal, posting a great surge of sales of 4.3 percent to record 10.74 million units. But according to the alliance’s CEO, Carlos Ghos, the technicalities put his automaker in front – even though his figure of over 10.6 million autos is actually smaller. That’s because it seems Volkswagen is also factoring in big truck sales from Scania or MAN… so it wouldn’t be the world’s largest automaker without them.