Renault Nissan see record yearly sales in 2014 image

The Renault Nissan alliance is currently the world’s fourth largest automaker, with combined record sales last year of 8.47 million units around the world, an increase of 2.5 percent over the 2013 figure.

While the positive result comes after serious distress situations in certain parts of the world, the alliance is also nowhere closer to achieving chief executive Carlos Ghosn’s target of entering the Top Three tier – currently held by Toyota, Volkswagen and General Motors. Nissan vehicles experienced increased sales in North America and Renault models were sought in the recovering European continent – with worldwide deliveries rising to a new record for the alliance last year. That also offset deeper losses in some regions, with the company “well-positioned and optimistic about the long-term prospects in the global growth markets despite the recent declines in Russia and Brazil,” according to Ghosn’s comments in a recently released statement.

In 2014, Japan’s Toyota remained the undisputed leader with deliveries of 10.23 million autos (+3 percent), followed by Germany’s Volkswagen AG with 10.14 million units (+4 percent) and America’s General Motors with 9.92 million vehicles (+2 percent). Nissan remained the bigger side of the alliance – even though it currently holds just 15 percent of Renault, with the French automaker in turn commending a 43 percent stake in the Japanese partner. Nissan sold a record 5.31 million units – up 4 percent last year. Renault, buoyed by the affordable Dacia brand, saw increase global sales by 3 percent to 2.71 million autos. Strong performing markets for the Japanese automaker were the United States – up 11 percent to 1.39 million units and for Renault the western Europe, which grew 13 percent to 1.46 million vehicles.

Via Automotive News Europe