While traditionally Nissan is the main player of the alliance in the very competitive US market, the recent development within the 15-years old alliance gets Ghosn put both companies on common architectures, production or R&D.

The Alliance CEO is doing all that in the name of efficiency – when you have a big synergy within two different companies the costs will surely fall. That means that in the US as well the future models would come from the jointly developed “common module families”.

“We are now delivering the synergies of the alliance,” says Christian Mardrus, the new alliance executive vice president. “And we want to go further. The idea is to boost and accelerate both companies to fight against the competition. We can see that the most competitive companies in our industry are the biggest.”

That means that in 2018 no less than 70 % of all alliance models would be common, with the revolution already started – last year’s released Nissan Rogue crossover comes from that approach. The model is produced in Tennessee, but Nissan also has a Renault factory in South Korea ready to start making it and then ship it to West Coast dealers in the US. Also, the now famous future compact Infiniti model – Q30 – is based on a Mercedes-Benz architecture. And Infiniti will get a Benz developed engine to be produced in Nissan’s US engine plant in Decherd, Tennessee.

Via Automotive News Europe


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