Renault pitted against VW’s one-liter model image

The French maker will present during next week’s Paris Motor Show the Eolab concept, a model that has been engineered as a future alternative to the Volkswagen XL1.

Famous for the ambitious goal to reach an average fuel consumption of just one liter, the XL1 has successfully made the transition from concept to series production (very low, we’ll give you that). It uses a plug-in diesel-hybrid powertrain, a highly efficient aerodynamic body and many lightweight materials to eat each 100 km just 0.9 liters of diesel.

The Eolab could also spark a future series model, while its underlying technology will for sure make its way into the models made by the French automaker – already well known for its economical diesel engines.

The Eolab also brings into the equation a more traditional design – which is highly alluring, as opposed to the German rival aesthetic choices. The fuel-saving ideas used in the Eolab will become available on the future production models by 2020. The powertrain is made of a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine (75 hp), a 6.7 kWh battery and an electric motor integrated into a three-speed transmission. The concept can go as low as needing just one liter of gasoline (235 mpg).

The Eolab was a joint effort of Renault and its main suppliers – Saint-Gobain, Faurecia, Michelin and Continental – and has been designed as part of the integrated effort by French carmakers to reach a government mandated goal of putting models that only need 2 liters or less of fuel on the roads by 2020.

Via Automotive News Europe