Renault planning to move up market image

The French car manufacturer Renault has announced its plans to move up market, during the Frankfurt Motor Show, leaving room for its Dacia brand to go against the Korean rivals. Renault’s move isn’t surprising after the head of product Beatrice Foucher has announced that the new Clio will be based on the DeZir Concept.

Even if it sounds like science fiction, the Renault official says that the fourth generation of the popular Clio is based on the DeZir Concept and the automaker’s designers in their turn say that the DeZir Concept has been created with the inspiration coming from Aston Martin V8 Vantage, so besides being curious what the new Clio will look like, we are also curious of how future models of the French manufacturer will look like.

After moving up market with their new Clio generation, Renault says that the Dacia Duster and Dacia Sandero will finally arrive in the United Kingdom, while another model of the Romanian automaker is close to hitting the showrooms in two variants, the Popster, which is currently being produced in Morocco.

The first “premium” Renault will see daylight at the next year’s Paris Auto Show in the form of the Clio fourth generation, but the French automaker also says that in 2012 they will release 10 new models, including the new Megane.

  • Steve

    No doubt they willn not be launching a new Espace. It seems this has been quietly forgotten.