The French based automaker Renault is currently planning on introducing a new range of budget vehicles, which should be priced from just 3, 500 euros, once they will become available.

Renault is getting ready to attack the Indian market with a new range of budget models where even something as the Dacia Logan can be considered an expensive ride. The Romanian model should have been the 5,000 euro car, but once it ended up on the market, this became available from 7,000 euros. Now, years after the original Logan has been introduced, and after the second generation of the car has seen daylight too, Renault is getting ready to introduce four new budget models.

According to a recent report, published by Les Echos, the four brand new models will be based on a new platform, which has been called the CAMM, and which will be developed in collaboration with Nissan. These four models will basically be a sedan, a hatchback, an SUV and a 7-seater. A final decision for the new lineup hasn’t been made yet and it will be taken in early 2015. The vehicles should be manufactured in India, but if everything goes as planned, the Tangier, Morocco plant might produce some of them for the Old Continent too.


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