Renault Plans Luxury Brand Like Nissan’s Infiniti image

According to Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares, Renault plans to launch its luxury brand, Initiale Paris, in two phases.

In the first phase the car maker will add premium content to its volume models and change their design to sell them under the Initiale Paris name. Citroen, Renault’s French rival, already does this with its upscale DS range. During the second phase Renault will create models especially for the Initiale Paris subbrand to make it a stand-alone brand, exactly what Nissan did with its Infiniti luxury marque.

“We plan to start with something that will be similar to Citroen’s DS series that will eventually become something like Infiniti at Nissan. Nissan needed 25 years to take Infiniti where it is today. Initiale Paris is not something that could be completed in the next two years,” Tavares told in an interview.

Renault currently uses the name Initiale for a trim level that indicates a well-equipped range-topping model from Renault’s lineup. Concept Initial was also the name of a concept car from 1995 which previewed a lozenge-badged flagship sedan. In May Tavares also announced that Renault plans to revive the Alpine brand, releasing a teaser video for the Alpine A110-50 concept.