Renault relies on its new Twingo to take Fiat’s 10-year long dominance of the minicar segment.

In 2013 the Fiat 500 took the first place in the minicar sales, followed by Fiat Panda and Volkswagen Up. To be able to surpass its two rivals, sales of the Twingo should double the 2013 volume.

“I would like to see the Twingo in the number two spot in this segment,” said Stefan Mueller, the company’sEuropechairman, Mueller.

Although Renault has not made public its sales or prices targets for the new Twingo, Mueller said that the minicar will not have a low price in order to win sales.

“We won’t do anything just for the sake of volume,” added Mueller.

The French automaker has unveiled the new Twingo this month at the Geneva auto show and the model will hit showrooms sometime during this summer. The vehicle shares platform with Daimler’s Smart ForFour four-seater. The new Twingo has a rear-mounted engine, has more space than its competitors, it is rear-wheel-drive and gives drivers the possibility to turn in very tight spaces.

The Twingo’s price “will be competitive but will respect the value of the product, like we did with the Clio and Captur,” Philippe Klein, Renault’s product planning chief, said.

“Thanks to our partner Daimler we have a new platform, which is very interesting because it has a rear wheel drive architecture that no competitor has.”


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