Renault Plans to Sell 36,000 EVs This Year image

Renault CEO Carlos Tavares said the automaker plans to sell 360, 000 EVs by the end of this year.

Between October 2011 and December 2012 Renault has sold 18,000 electric vehicles, but Tavares said the automaker remains committed to EVs, although it is aware that most automakers have turned towards plug-in hybrids, giving up on EVs.

“We are the leaders in EV sales and we intend to stay so,” said Tavares. “We are the only manufacturer with four EV models. Our European market share as an automotive company, including Renault and Dacia, is nine per cent, but our share of the zero-emissions vehicles market is 51 per cent.”

Tavares says that although he supports hybrid vehicles, he sees them as unnecessary cash spending. As many automakers are currently financially in the red due to sluggish demand and low consumer confidence, there is no way to offer a car with two powertrains without additional pricing. He adde that Renault considers adding a plug-in vehicles, but it will do this when such a move will be profitable for the company.

“This is going to have an impact on pricing. For the high-end the price is perhaps not going to be a big deal, but certainly you are not going to see plug-in hybrid [technology] in compact cars,” said Tavares.

Source: Autocar

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    It's not 360.000, just 36.000.