Renault pulls the plug on the Twingo RS image

The French based automaker Renault has recently announced the production stop of the Twingo RS, pulling the plug on the final naturally aspirated Renaultsport model.

Renault is saying “goodbye” to one of the hottest vehicles in its segment, the Twingo RS, only a few years after the facelifted version has been introduced. Renault didn’t provide an explanation for pulling the plug on the Twingo RS, but one thing is for sure, sales have nothing to do with the decision and the small hot hatch is expected receive a new generation soon. The Renault Twingo RS was the last Renaultsport model, with a naturally aspirated unit, to be produced by the company.

The future generation of the Renault Twingo RS remains uncertain for the moment because it is known that Smart and Renault will share the same platform on the upcoming ForTwo and regular Twingo, and this means a rear-wheel drive layout which, on an RS version, might be quite dangerous for young drivers, because it is believed to be hard to “tame”. If it will indeed make its way onto the market, the future generation of the Renault Twingo RS will use an upgraded version of the 0.9 liter turbo engine, which should make the model even hotter than the outgoing version.