Renault Pulse going to New Delhi Auto Show image

The French based automaker Renault is currently working on a new model named the Pulse, which is actually the twin brother of the Nissan Micra, destined to attract more customers into the brand with its debut being set for the New Delhi Auto Show in January 2012.

According to the French car manufacturer, the Pulse won’t be sold in Europe to avoid entering in a direct competition with its brother, the Micra, and the new model will be introduced to the Indian auto market, along with the Fluence and Koleos.


The Renault Pulse will be officially introduced to the Indian market starting with January 2012, when the small model will be unveiled at the New Delhi Auto Show. The Renault Pulse will use a 1.5 liter dCi engine which will be made at the company’s Chennai plant, after the facility received investments of over 990 million USD.

Besides the Pulse, Fluence and Koleos, Renault will also introduce on the Indian market a version of the “Romanian” Duster, which will be sold under the Renault badge.

  • JMS

    This is a photo copy of Nissan Micra…if the pictures on the net are true… minute change in head & tail lamp… inner console is excatly the same_