Renault releases first image and video with new generation Koleos SUV image

We just saw the first image of the midsize crossover of the French automaker courtesy of an early leak and now the company has officially delivered the initial preview of the model.

Aside from the fact it was legit since it’s the same image without any crop, the most important novelty for the new sport utility vehicle from Renault is the fact it will get to keep the Koleos moniker. That’s even as the rumor mill was choke full of reports of a name change – the one being billed mostly being “Maxthon”. Well, even in this day and age you still need to treat such reports with a grain of salt, even if specialists were also willing to understand the nameplate change as the predecessor was a major disappointment for the automaker. That’s because the usual move from automakers is to come up with a new name that would put some distance between the generations.

Anyways, looking at the model that is set for an official worldwide premiere during the Beijing Motor Show starting April 25th, we can see the catchy design incorporates numerous elements inspired by the midsize sedan Talisman and we think the fresh take on the exterior looks might set it apart in the crowded D-segment SUV. As we told you already, we’re looking at a Nissan X-Trail dressed in Renault livery and without the possibility to opt for a seven-seat arrangement. Apparently China gets first dibs when the Koleos II starts rolling into dealerships later during the second part of the year, followed by Australia, Europe, and Asia.