Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. arrives upgraded for 2018 image

The Fluence – the former Megane-based sedan version – is dead in many territories, but it still lives a long and prosperous life in others, for example South Korea.

The Fluence is still alive and kicking – even though it was first seen back in 2009 – in South America and South Korea for Asia and Pacific, where it resides under the name Renault-Samsung SM3. And just when the Z.E. full electric version was also taking the long road in Europe – in 2013 – the factory in Busan was starting this version’s assembly. Now for the 2018 model year the oldish Samsung SM3 Z.E. (Zero Emission) version is arriving with a technical upgrade, ditching the old 22-kWh battery in favor of a higher-capacity 36-kWh pack that resides in the same space and has no influence on weight.

2017 - SM3 Z.E.

Thanks to the newly upgraded pack, the 2018 Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. comes with a new range of up to 213 kilometers (132 miles) between charges, based on the Korean type approval cycle – which is a 57 percent hike from the predecessor. The upgraded model is making its worldwide public debut at the Daegu International Future Auto Expo. And according to Renault and Samsung the new version will be good for a theoretical run of around five days between charges, based on the Korean Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) findings that in 2016 the average daily trip in South Korea was of just 25 miles (40 kilometers).