Renault Samsung SM7 pricing announced image

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has just announced that the Samsung SM7 will arrive in showrooms this month.

The new SM7 from Renault will be powered by the Nissan VQ engines. The 3.5 liter VQ will be developing 258 horsepower, 20 percent more than the previous SM7, and it will be connected to a six speed manual transmission with manual gearshift mode.

Future customers of the SM7 who think that the 3.5 VQ is too much will be able to choose the 2.5 liter which will provide 290 horsepower, 15 percent more than the previous generation model, connected to a six speed automatic transmission with manual selector mode.

According to the manufacturer the fuel consumption has been improved by the addition of the Energy Smart Management technology (ESM).

The Renault Samsung SM7 will be available with three equipment levels for both engines and prices will range from 19.724 to 25.641 euros (KRW 30 to 39 million).