Renault seeks low-cost gains in India image

The French automaker, which besides its own models also sells badged versions from Dacia or Nissan in India now aims to further gain a foothold in the low-cost segment as the industry wide sales start to linger in the country.

In regard to these plans, a senior executive disclosed that Renault is now considering the opportunity to launch a car priced below 450,000 rupees ($7,200) in India. The move follows the local trend, as the low-cost segment is the biggest and fastest growing of the now faltering Indian car market.

“Half of the market we are not addressing. What is happening below 450,000 rupees, we don’t have any cars so that’s a big space,” Marc Nassif, head of Renault’s India operations told Reuters at the Indian auto show.” “Obviously, we want to go there,” he said, without giving further details of the possible model they aim to launch in that segment.

Of course, we can’t say Renault is without options, as besides the Renault badged version of the Dacia Duster SUV it already sells it could also bring the second-generation of the Sandero hatchback to complement its existing models, like the Pulse (a rebadged Nissan Micra) or the Scala sedan.

Nassif also said the company aims to increase the dealership network in the country up from 125 at end December 2013 to as much as 175 by the end of the current year.

Via Reuters