Southeast Asia has become an important region for every major global automaker, so Renault has opted to strengthen its presence there by commencing production from knockdown kits of the Fluence compact sedan in Malaysia.

Southeast Asia’s third largest economy – Malaysia – has been growing steadily in the past 30 years by around 5% every single year, with sales increasing that amount in 2013 to reach 645,000 units.

“The launch of the Fluence [in Malysia] is the first stage in Renault’s drive to step up the pace of growth in Malaysia,” Renault said in a statement, with the Fluence used as a model “to win international markets, particularly in countries where three-box sedans are popular.”

According to Gilles Normand, the company’s boss for the Asia-Pacific region, Renault intends to become a player in Malaysisa’s top three by 2018, while currently the positions are occupied, in order, by Perodua, Proton and Toyota.

The Fluence assembly would be made by Kuala Lumpur-based Tan Chong Group, a Renault and Nissan distributor in Malaysia, with future expansion planned for the sales outlets of the French company, which should go up from 10 to 25 in 2016.

Via Automotive News Europe


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