Renault starts working on a 2,500-euro car image

After launching the 5,000-euro car, the Logan, Renault is set to start a project to build an ultra-economic car priced at just 2,500 euros ($3,375), according to a French business newspaper.

La Tribune says that starting January 1 a team at Renault-Nissan will start developing several low-price car models for emerging markets. The vehicles could also reach European markets, with the cheapest one to cost only a third as much as the Dacia Logan.

The ultra-economic car project will be run by Gerard Detourbet, head of Renault’s entry-level car division, La Tribune reported, citing internal sources. Renault confirmed to Agence France Presse (AFP) that Detourbet would join a Renault-Nissan small-car team at the beginning of 2012, but the carmaker didn’t comment on whether a 2,500-euro car would be the team’s main target.

Renault Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has said many times that the alliance should explore the niche of ultra cheap cars, represented currently by the Tata Nano. The 2,500-euro car project will reportedly not use any of Dacia’s platforms, as they are too expensive for such a minimalist project. However, Dacia will launch a Twingo-sized model in 2012, placed below the Sandero and the Logan.

The cheapest car in the world is currently produced by India’s Tata. The Nano sells for around 15,000 rupees (about 2,800 dollars).