Renault takes the wraps off Grand Scenic – has the usual seven seat layout image

The French automaker has released the first pictures and details concerning the all new generation Grand Scenic minivan, which comes with a crossover-style design just like the Espace and a five or seven-seat arrangement.

During the Geneva Motor Show in March, Renault outed the new generation Scenic – which acts as the MPV version of the Megance compact. But as we could all see that’s not there is to the model – it has a compelling design that doesn’t look like a stretched and heightened Megane. It falls in line with the new styling direction of the automaker and now the Grand Scenic is here to solidify the range’s new found flavor. The Grand Scenic does take all the cues from the Scenic and enlarges them to suit the “Grand” moniker – and when compared to its predecessor we can tell you it’s also a fitting name. that’s because the new Grand Scenic is 75 mm longer, 20 mm wider, 15 mm taller and has an extra 35 mm added to the wheelbase for generous cabin space.

Renault takes the wraps off Grand Scenic – has the usual seven seat layout 7

Just like in the Scenic’s case, the Grand Scenic is making a statement in the segment and will be packing standard 20-inch alloy wheels across the entire trim range. Renault has also added a bit of crossover flair to the Grand Scenic – and we’ll see if that works out in its favor, considering the new Peugeot 3008 went for the full SUV treatment instead of being a regular MPV. The Grand Scenic has 30 mm of extra ground clearance compared to the older model, now standing at 160 mm. With such a large dimensions sheet, the Grand Scenic also comes with a cargo capacity of 718dm3 VDA (equivalent to 765 liters) for the five-seat arrangement. The rear seats can be pushed forward and will enable a space of 866dm3 VDA. Cabin spaces also total 63 liters.

Renault takes the wraps off Grand Scenic – has the usual seven seat layout 2

Meanwhile, the powertrains are the same as in the normal Scenic. First off is the Energy TCe 115, packing a six-speed manual gearbox, followed by the Energy TCe 130 with six speed manual on the petrol front. Diesel fans get a more compelling range: dCi 110 Hybrid Assist (six manual); regular dCi 110 with six speed manual or seven-speed dual clutch EDC transmission; dCi 130 (manual) and the dCi 160 with the six-speed dual-clutch EDC transmission. Inside the layout is about the same as in the Scenic – familiar R-Link 2 infotainment system with portrait-styled 8.7-inch touchscreen display and Bose surround sound system snatched from the Espace and Talisman.