Renault Talisman new teaser released image

Renault has released the second teaser for the upcoming Talisman which is just around the corner.

The Renault Laguna is getting ready to receive a new successor, in the shape of the some extra safety features, a more premium cabin, a new engine lineup and so on. Basically, it will be a new car which has the job of replacing the aging Laguna.

The teaser image posted above is showing us a rotary control which is looking basically the same as the one used on the new Renault Espace. This will be used on the infotainment system and it will allow drivers to access the R-Link 2 easily than the current rotary knob and buttons which are providing access to the R-Link. Some of the other goodies which are expected to be found on the new Renault Talisman include the semi-autonomous parking system, the four-wheel steering, the full LED headlights and several other features which will definitely help this go head-to-head with other rivals in the midsized segment. At first, we expect the Talisman to come in the four-door sedan body style but at a later point, a more practical wagon will be introduced. Both will be put together in Douai, France, and will go up against the Ford Mondeo, the Skoda Superb and the Volkswagen Passat, amongst others.