Renault teases the Trezor electric concept prior to Paris debut image

The Paris Motor Show is mere hours away and the automakers are rushing in – Renault has decided to tease its upcoming new electric concept, dubbed Trezor.

This is an all-new electric vehicle concept that follows in the footsteps of the DeZir from 2010 and will again act as a preview to the company’s upcoming design that will trickle down to future models. The current crop of Renault models have “simple, warm and sensuous lines,” but the teaser shows a hexagonal theme on the hood. Because the single image released by Renault is way too mysterious, we’ll have to wait to see the actual reveal in front of the worldwide audience during the Paris Motor Show to draw any conclusions.

The automaker says the Trezor will come with “surprising proportions” and while technical details have not been released, we have been informed the concept’s name “conjures up the image of a prized, multifaceted object to be discovered and explored.” The “Z” branding also hints at the fact it’s part of the ZE – zero emissions – family of the automaker. The new concept will be accompanied by the latest version of the Zoe, which has been confirmed to have a new battery pack good for a serious increase in driving range.