Renault, the French automaker wants to develop an extremely cheap and fuel efficient city car for the emerging markets that will have a price tag of just $3400, a French newspaper reported.

According to an article set to appear in Wednesday’s La Tribune newspaper, Renault together with its Japanese partner Nissan will start the development at the beginning of 2012.

The automaker will develop not only one variant, but several low-cost models, vehicles that ultimately may find their way into the European marketplace, the newspaper reports citing unidentified internal sources.

The new, simple car, of small size, would become a competitor of Tata Motor’s Nano model. It’s understood the operations will be led by Gerard Detourbet, boss of Renault’s small-car division.

Renault confirmed to AFP that Detourbet would join a Renault-Nissan small-car team at the start of 2012, but the automaker did not confirmed the $3400 price tag.

Renault’s entry-level ‘programme’ sold almost 690,000 vehicles last year, a number equal to more than one-fourth of Renault’s total sales of 2.6-million cars and light vehicles worldwide.
In addition, La Tribune newspaper said the $3400 yet-to-be-developed vehicle would compare with the 7,700 euros a Logan costs in France.


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