According to the company’s EV boss, the French company will not bring any further new electric vehicles to the market, focusing instead on the already impressive existing line-up.

The company’s global head of Electric Vehicles, Béatrice Foucher, speaking with Autocar said Renault, a pioneer of electric cars along with alliance partner Nissan, needed to redouble efforts to remain competitive as rivals, including BMW with its i range, start launching their own models.

In order to do so, Foucher said the firm needed to price the cars more affordably, target sales in markets with “a mature attitude to CO2 reduction” such as northern Europe, to create a used market for such models to ensure that they retained residual values, and be sure that EVs provide a long-term income for Renault by leasing batteries.

Until now, Renault has sold 29,000 electric cars worldwide, with half of European Ev sales belonging to them. Foucher commented on the slow sales of the Prius car in its first years and said more needs to be done to educate people about the practicality of such cars in terms of price, charging and range – and on the latter mater he also noted they are constantly working with the battery supplier for improvements.

Renault is also working on a normal charging cable that can be plugged into a typical household socket, negating the need for a charging box as the typical electric car owner is a home owner in a suburb or provincial town who can address the problem of installing a private dedicated charging point.

via Autocar


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