Renault to launch Dacia brand in December 2012 in the UK image

Renault has announced it will launch the budget Dacia brand in the UK in December 2012, with first deliveries expected of January 2013.

The Romanian brand will introduce the Duster compact SUV and the Sandero subcompact to the UK through Renault’s entire dealer network. The Duster will be priced below £10,000, while the Sandero will be offered from less than £7,000. Renault said its existing dealers will have to invest only £3,000 in signage and tooling for the brand.

Contrary to the controversial Dutch ad for Dacia entitled „Haggling is fun”, Dacia customers in the UK won’t be able to haggle. Renault UK’s managing director Thierry Sybord claims Dacia models will not be offered with discounts. “The price we advertise is the price you pay. Dacia is something different, something offered at a low price that cannot be negotiated on, even by fleet customers,” Sybord was quoted as saying by Autocar.

He added that he didn’t expect Dacia’s lineup to take sales from sister brand Renault. “We see Dacia as a good brand for attracting new customers. Historically most new buyers for Dacia have come from other brands or the used car market,” the executive said. The Duster and the Sandero are expected to be offered in the UK with 1.6-liter petrol and 1.5-liter diesel engines.