Renault to recall 15,800 Captur models for emissions issues image

The results of the investigation made by the French government enforce Renault to recall more than 15,000 of its small Captur crossovers to adjust their pollution filtering systems.

It seems that after yesterday’s meeting – when Renault appeared before the French government commission to give further explanations on why some of its models exceeded the emissions limits -, the automaker is forced to recall 15,800 cars over the matter.

The news has been first released by the Energy Minister Segolene Royal in an interview on RTL radio on Tuesday. Preliminary results indicated that emissions from the Captur small crossover, Espace minivan and an unnamed Renault utility vehicle exceeded limits. “Renault has committed to recalling a certain number of vehicles, more than 15,000 vehicles, to check them and adjust them correctly so the filtration system works even when it is very hot or when it is below 17 degrees, because that’s when the filtration system no longer worked,” Royal said.

The announcement has been shortly followed by a statement from Renault, in which the automaker has confirmed it will recall 15,800 Captur 110-horsepower diesel models to fix pollution-control systems and will offer voluntary emissions-system updates for about 700,000 vehicles from this summer.

The minister added in her interview that there are other brands that exceed the norms, although she did not name any other carmakers. Royal also said officials of these other automakers were expected to offer clarifications before the government commission. Les Echos newspaper reported Sunday that Ford Motor and Mercedes had to appear before the French investigators after it has been found that two of their models also had excessive emissions, the Ford C-Max and Mercedes-Benz S-Class models being targeted by the new disclosures.

Via Reuters/Bloomberg