The upcoming pocket rocket coming from the French based automaker Renault, the Twingo RS, has been recently caught on camera by our spy photographers.

Despite being officially unveiled just a few months ago, the new generation of the Renault Twingo is now getting ready to receive its top of the line version, the RS. The model in question has been recently caught on camera while it was being tested out and, despite the slightly camouflaged body, we can still notice some of the tweaks which make it look more aggressive and will help it stand out from a crowd once it will go official.

Some of the features of the new Renault Twingo RS include the new spoilers, the unique front grille, the modified front and rear bumpers, the darker lights and, of course, the twin exhaust system. We should also mention the large alloy wheels. Some of the tweaks found on it will be carried over on the Smart Brabus too and this will include the tuned version of the 0.9 liter three-cylinder engine, which will develop approximately 110 – 120 HP. The same 7-gear dual clutch transmission will be applied too. The new Renault Twingo RS is believed to be introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.


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