Renault Twizy launched in France, starts at EUR6,990 image

Renault has recently announced that the Twizy model has been launched in France, where the small electric vehicle has a starting price of 6, 990 euros.

According to the French based car manufacturer, the Renault Twizy will be joining the Z.E. lineup in the local market and the model is already available to its future owners. The new Renault Twizy is also available for 16-year olds to drive in the 5 horsepower and 33 Nm of torque version, but only if the get the road safety certification first. The model eligible for young people under 18 is named the Twizy 45 and, just like its name suggests, is able to reach 45 km/h.

The starting price for the Renault Twizy 45 has been set at 6,990 euros plus the battery lease which starts at 50 euros per month, and this might actually become the “scooter” of the future in a few years, once its price will decrease. The other Twizy available on the French market is providing 17 horsepower and this model can accelerate up to 80 km/h. The Renault Twizy is currently being assembled in Valladolid, Spain, and it’s coming with a 7 kW lithium-ion battery and a single gear transmission. The model is 2.32 meters long, 1.19 meters wide and 1.46 meters tall, with a curb weight of just 450 kg.