Renault unveils Next Two prototype with autonomous driving image

Renault has officially unveiled its newest creation up to date, the Next Two Prototype, which is coming with the autonomous driving technology.

The brand new Renault Next Two prototype has been based on the Zoe and it has been equipped with some pretty interesting technologies, which are allowing it to drive itself at speeds up to 30 km/h (18 mph). The model in question has received a variety of sensors and cameras to monitor the road and the whole information is being sent to a unit which is controlling how the motor, the brakes and the electric power steering should work.

“With Next Two, we wanted to combine the worlds of delegated driving and connectivity. Not only will autonomous driving enhance safety but it will also free up time for drivers. Being connected will enable them to make the most of this extra time by providing them with access to new in-car services such as video-conferences, on-line shopping, travel information and more”, said Carlos Ghosn, the Renault Nissan CEO.

The Renault Next Two has been also equipped with the Automated Vale Parking system which is obvious what it does because of its name. Besides these technologies, the Zoe-based one-off vehicle is also coming with a head-up display, navigation with real-time images, 3G/3G/WiFi connectivity and much more. You can check out the model in the videos posted below and in the photo gallery too.