Renault will have higher quality on Talisman flagship thanks to Mercedes-Benz expertise image

The French automaker is trying to level the playing field in terms of quality with its competitors by tapping Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz expertise for the new Talisman midsize model.

The new Talisman, named after a model that already exists in China but otherwise unrelated, has been created as a replacement for both the third generation Laguna and bigger Latitude, which were sales flops for the company. The French carmaker hopes to address the issues by raising the quality of the Talisman model compared to the Laguna and Latitude with help from partner Daimler, owner of the third largest luxury automaker in the world. We decided to position this car on a certain number of parameters” to make it stand out among competitors, such as the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo, commented Renault chief executive officer Carlos Ghosn during the model’s introduction on Monday. The Talisman is “virtually the same” length as the Mondeo, he added and features electronic features such as an integrated cockpit control tablet or parking-assist technology.

According to Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker, “it was designed for quality,” with the automaker also ready to offer the newly established Initiale Paris upscale trim level that has made its debut on the Espace large minivan and Clio subcompact. In order to fend off the competition in terms of quality, Ghosn said Daimler experts toured the factory in Douai, France, where the Talisman is being manufactured, to review quality control and perceived quality – even though there are no Daimler parts going into the model. Renault and Daimler have been successful industrial partners since 2010.

Via Automotive News Europe