Renault Will Manufacture the Nissan Micra in France image

Today, April 26th, Renault announced it will manufacture the next Nissan Micra at its Flins plant, France.

The French automaker said that production will start in 2016 and the expected annual production would be 82,000 units. As Renault’s workers agreed with the company’s labor concessions last month, which include longer working hours and wage restraints, the automaker promised to increase production in France by almost a third by 2016, this would be 180,000 vehicles. To accomplish this goal 100,000 vehicles will come from Renault’s new models and the rest of 80,000 from its partners.

Nissan transferred Micra production in 2012 from its Sunderland plant, England to Chennai, India, to make room for the Juke subcompact crossover. During the first quarter, the Micra was Nissan’s third best-selling model in the European market, after the Qashqai and Juke. Micra sales dropped 45% to 13,000 units, compared with the same period last year.

“This announcement is good news for Flins, but also for all Renault plants in France,” Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said in the statement. “Renault is in line to fulfill its commitments.”

Carlos Ghosn previously said that if workers do not agree with the labor concession, he might consider transferring some of Renault’s production out of France. As part of the new deal reached with workers, Ghosn promised to bring some of the models from Spain to France, including the Trafic commercial van, and some versions of the Clio from Turkey.

Source: Automotive News Europe