The French car manufacturer Renault has announced, through the voice of its second man in hierarchy, Carlos Tavares, its intention to revive the Alpine brand, with the models having some luxury elements and sports features.

“We are considering using the Alpine brand, which will be both luxurious and sporty and will include several models. We are in exploration phase. In the premium segment in which we operate, previous experiments were not successful, but it was time to go back. We will strengthen our strategy to the segment and we will have cars with a gracefully elegance”, said Carlos Tavares.

The Alpine models won’t be as “aggressive” as their predecessors but they will try to become iconic with prestige and elegance, trying to become something similar to Citroen’s DS lineup. Renault will set some space between its models and the Dacia brand, going closer with its prices to Volkswagen, considering the German automaker a main rival.

The Renault official didn’t announce when we will see new models of the Alpine brand once again but considering that the company’s rivals are having a good strategy for the 2013 model year, the French automaker could speed up the process.


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