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The Renault Zoe can’t be charged from a standard outlet and the model needs the Chameleon system which is priced at almost 1, 000 euros.

Bad news for those of you looking into the new Renault Zoe despite the electric vehicle being probably one of the hugest failures in the company’s history because the guys at L’Automobil Magazine have found out that the model can’t be charged by using a regular outlet and it needs a special charging system, named the Chameleon, which will inflate its price by almost 1,000 euros. If you still want to order the Zoe but don’t feel like paying the extra 1k you should know that charging its batteries from a regular outlet will take up to 20 hours.

As a quick reminder, the official starting price of the Renault Zoe in its home market has been set at 15,700 euros for the entry-level version and with the 5,000 euros bonus coming from the government. The Renault Zoe is being powered by a synchronous electric motor which is producing a total output of 88 HP (65 kW) and it has a peak torque of 220 Nm (162 lb-ft). The model can reach a top speed of 84 mph. The Renault Zoe is coming with features such as the R-Link multimedia tablet, automatic climate control, battery charger and more.

Source: L’Automobil Magazine

  • Jim

    Are you really well informed? Chameleon is an engine part, the 1k equipment to charge is a WALLBOX. And the max speed is not 84 but 134km/h…

    • Author

      Check your facts

    • Mike

      the Cameleon charger cost 1150 €. True .. it comes on bord …

      There are multiple ways to charge the Zoe:

      standard way : ~ 12 h
      3,7 kW power ourlet (Wall-Box 16 A) : recharge complete 6 – 9 h
      borne rapid 22 kW charger (triphasée 32 A) : recharge complete – 1 h ;
      borne rapid 42 kW (triphasée 63 A) : recharge complète en 30 min.

      via wikipedia