The French based automaker Renault is planning to delay the launch of the brand new Zoe because the company’s officials are afraid that no one will buy the new Clio generation.

The Renault officials are afraid that the new Clio generation will be buried by the Zoe, because according to their math, no one will buy the internal combustion vehicle once the “green” model will become available on the market, so a decision has been taken to delay the launch of the Zoe. But if the Renault Zoe is what you’re into, then don’t be worried because the first unit of the model will be delivered by the end of this year (2012).

Even if the new generation of the Renault Clio is quite different than the Renault Zoe, both vehicles are B-segment hatchbacks and the main difference between the two can be found under their hoods, where the first one is coming with petrol and diesel engines, while the second one has a synchronous electric motor, generating 88 HP (65 kW) and 220 Nm of torque (162 lb-ft). In the United Kingdom, prices for the Renault Zoe have been set at 14,444 GBP.

Source: cardisiac


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