Renault/Dacia Duster sees 1.000.000 milestone image

There’s no secret that Renault’s fortune greatly improved thanks to the affordable Dacia brand and its models, which are also sold under the Renault nameplate.

Now, one of the most affordable SUVs on the planet, the Renault/Dacia Duster has reached the important milestone of one million units – achieved in just four years since production started.

While the Dacia brand was just a little over a decade ago just a small ex-communist Romanian brand, since it was acquired by the French automaker its fortunes rose to heights unseen. For example, the Duster SUV is currently a truly global car – produced in five countries and sold in over 100 markets worldwide.

“Duster is a truly global success story,” explains Arnaud Deboeuf, the Renault Group’s Entry Program Director. “With Renault branding, it perfectly meets the demands of our international customers and is contributing to Renault’s expansion in emerging markets. At the same time, the Dacia-badged version sold in Europe and our Mediterranean Basin markets has succeeded in attracting a new clientele to the brand thanks to the styling and genuine all-terrain capability it delivers for an affordable price. Duster is definitely a model that is winning us new customers.”

The milestone model was actually a Renault badged Duster, produced at Renault’s plant in Curitiba, Brazil – delivered to a customer in the same region. Because the model’s sales continued to grow over the years – reaching 376,000 units in 2013, the Duster is in full swing at the five plants – Pitesti (Romania), Curitiba (Brazil), Envigado (Colombia), Moscow (Russia) and Chennai (India).