Carlos Tavares, Renault’s CEO, said that even if the auto industry is facing a difficult period, the situation ‘isn’t desperate.’

Carlos Tavares told reporters that even if the auto market is volatile taking the European situation, “we’re not being negative about that.” He also added that if in 2000 auto sales in Europe, Japan and North America accounted for more than 70% of the global car sales, this year the percentage will be less than 50%.

According to Mr. Tavares, Renault is less focused on Europe, planning to sell half of its cars outside western Europe by the end of this year, a goal which the company previously said it expects to achieve in 2016. He also predicts that by 2020 auto sales will surpass 100 million vehicles, compared with 70 million last year.

He said that one of Renault’s main challenges is to manage a rush of new model launches in a short period of time. The automaker has recently introduced a new version of the sub-compact Clio and deliveries for the new electric-vehicle ZOE will begin before the end of the year. The company plans to launch other models at the beginning of 2013, expanding its portfolio.


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