Render – BMW Vision Grand Tourer speaks of the future image

Just to give credit where it’s due, this is not an official BMW concept – and stems from the imagination of a very talented designer – who dreamed of a fully autonomous performance car with a reconfigurable interior.

We’re used to seeing many renders in the auto industry – automakers preview models via design sketches, while independent designers try to imagine how that model will look like in reality based on information and spy shots. And then there are the dreamers, those not tied to any particular idea coming from the carmaker. Glorin Tsiourea decided to show off his creation on Bēhance, with him being a transportation designer, who on this occasion decided to imagine a future BMW grand touring machine.

Render – BMW Vision Grand Tourer speaks of the future 3

He uses the automaker’s speak – calling it Vision Grand Tourer, but with a decidedly personal take on the BMW styling. From his point of view, this is a fully driverless electric vehicle with high performance capabilities. More so, the Vision Grand Tourer has a reconfigurable interior that can change to accommodate its passengers and their requirements. It has the attributes of a mobile work space for busy times, a “fun” mode for epic road trip adventures and even a rest and relaxing mode, or a traveling and sightseeing mode.

Via Glorin Tsiourea on Bēhance