Render – Citroen C3 Aircross is a mash up that exudes quirkiness image

The French brand’s latest design language is taking full inspiration from the willing quirkiness of the C4 Cactus model, which has become emblematic for the current generation Citroen cars.

Thus, is was no surprise that its C3 supermini became a smaller brother – even though it’s not even a crossover. But a true crossover derivative is coming and this one is really related to the popular Cactus, at least as far as independent design artists are concerned. The designers are again taking Citroen on a funky, yet polarizing route, and we’re certainly not going to berate them for doing so. We need brands that are willing to stand out in the sea of evolutionary designs. The C3 is getting its crossover counterpart – previewed already with the help of the C-Aircross concept.

Based on its example, the new C3 Aircross has been imagined for the real world, with conventional door handles and a B-pillar, as well as a series of other styling changes that will make it production ready, such as the absence of cameras in favor of conventional exterior mirrors. When it arrives, the model may or may not bear the old Picasso name – though it will fully make the switch from an MPV to a subcompact class crossover.