Render – Is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan all that different from a Bentayga?! image

The British ultra-luxury automaker isn’t even calling the Cullinan an SUV – and instead they use the term “high-bodied car” for the model coming out sometime next year to fight the Bentley and other contenders in the new niche.

The model has been out and about in prototype form long enough for speculative design exercises to be at least close to the actual deal. Of course, one might always find surprises when the real one arrives as the cars have so far been covered in a thick layer of camouflage. We do have a pretty accurate opinion on how it should look, since the company’s chief designer, Giles Taylor, has already hinted “it will combine the luxury elements from the Phantom with true 4×4 capabilities.” The model should also have about the length of the Wraith, so it will be even boxier than the upcoming new generation Phantom, from where it derives numerous styling elements.

The legendary coach doors have been seen on prototypes, so that’s a clear indication they will be carried on the series production model as well. Going against the ultra-opulent Bentley Bentayga, the Cullinan is actually pretty close to it in terms of general capabilities, though we can be sure this one will be geared towards road luxury, not hunting deep in the forest with off-road time like the Bentayga. By the way, the democratization of luxury comes in the form of shared components with the incoming CLAR-based BMW X7, yet another luxobarge.