The German automaker is reaching out into the world with a raft of new models and probably the most important is the flagship – its new Insignia Grand Sport.

Being a sedan is great for back room occupancy and we’re pretty sure the carmaker will take its time and pay the cost of turning the model into an even more practical station wagon. But how about those people that love style above else – and would see themselves driving an Opel Insignia Coupe? Well, tough luck because the second generation Insignia is not going to receive such a version – mainly because the first generation didn’t either and secondly because coupes are becoming a dying breed in front of those monstrous sport utility coupes (yes, we’re looking at the X6 and GLE Coupe).

Not planning such a model doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not actually something that would look bad or have no interested buyers. The virtual project presented here is of course a design speculation but still shows how good an Insignia Coupe would look like. Unfortunate enough, while the Insignia is going to be derived for no less than three other brands – Vauxhall, Holden and Buick – we’re just as sure they won’t go through the trouble of deriving it into a coupe either.

Via Theophilus Chin 



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