Render shows the 2018 Mitsubishi Lancer – it may never happen image

The legendary model might soon be retired as the company has not announced any plans to provide a successor for the Lancer following the current generation’s retirement.

There is seemingly an apocalyptic vibe to Mitsubishi’s future right now after the company announced it has been providing false fuel economy data for decades. This means the automaker is going towards a “Mitsugate” where just like Volkswagen in its own Dieselgate scandal it will have to allocate vast financial resources to tackle the issue. This means there will be close to zero funds for research and development – which means new models will be postponed and future projects will be canceled. Since last year Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko has already spilled the beans on axing the iconic Lancer line. No successor for the legendary sedan is currently planned as the make wanted to focus on its SUV and all-wheel drive models which have been selling well in the US.

That won’t stop the digital artists from doing their interpretations on what may never be a 2018 Lancer. This “impossible” new generation model would feature a very dynamic yet stylish design. The render, coming from Enoch Gabriel Gonzales from the Philippines, uses all of Mitsubishi’s new design language lines, “while keeping the Lancer’s iconic jet fighter grille.”

Via Enoch Gonzales

  • Eythan Aldrich

    nice rendering although mitsubishi motors are now facing a scandal regarding the fuel mileage issue