The German automaker may have decided to go the autonomous way, but that doesn’t mean the “i” subbrand isn’t cooking anything new, with the rumor mill long chewing on the approaching i5 model.

We’ve heard reports from all over the world concerning the addition of a third member to the I family, to go alongside the i3 city electric and i8 plug-in hybrid sports car in the endeavor to change the image of the largest luxury automaker in the world. The i5 has been doing the rounds of the rumor mill in like forever, but we’re still some years away from its appearance, as it has been slated to arrive sometimes before the turn of the decade. According to the latest reports, it’s scheduled to slot between the i3 and i8 and it will envision the green mobility solution in the highly affluent sport utility vehicle segment.

According to Henrik Wenders, BMW i’s head of product, the model is using a new concept – called FSAR (Flat Battery Storage Assembly), and being aimed at families it has to carry its own weight as “it must be capable of being the first car in the household.” We have here the digital artist’s depiction of the possible design, with the model being a true electric. It will offer a range of about 200 miles (321 kilometers) so it’s not going to be running after the Tesla Model X. One thing it will have above the American model is the range-extending internal-combustion engine option.

Via OmniAuto



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