Render shows why Ford F-150 Raptor have nothing to fear from Mercedes-AMG X 63 pickup image

Mercedes-Benz just presented two concepts that will serve as the preview for the upcoming X Class – the German automaker’s first foray into the midsize pickup truck segment.

Digital artists like to play with our imagination, which is the only reason we’re letting this one slip under the radar. The upcoming Mercedes X Class will be manufactured in Nissan plants in Europe and South America, and because it rides on the Navara platform that also underpins the Renault Alaskan there’s absolutely no chance the engineers from AMG would ever be able to bring the full might of the V8 under the hood. Still, it’s a nice dream to dream – though Ford Raptor fans waiting for the latest generation to arrive in showrooms have nothing to fear.

That’s because Mercedes has already announced officially it has no intentions of selling the X Class in North America – even though new midsize pickup entries have fared very well lately. We’re pretty sure they’re making a mistake actually, because the stylish version (there’s also an off-road workhorse) would go very well with all the SUV/truck Sunday drivers in America that love posh utes. Never mind that, once they set their mind to it, it’s unlikely they would change it so we can shelf that idea next to the rendered Mercedes AMG X 63.

Via X-Tomi Design