Render – Tesla Semi spy shots transformed into something better image

Rumors and reports on the Tesla big rig are increasingly turning up with a higher frequency – especially since the world is approaching the deadline for the official presentation.

The idea that Tesla will research, develop and build a heavy tractor was first touted late last year by CEO Elon Musk, and after a few postponements – we originally should have seen it since last month, but then the company moved the presentation in October and most recently to November 16 – we’re preparing for the arrival of the real deal. The cat might be out of the bag already because someone snatched some alleged spy shots – the Tesla Semi was undergoing some sort of testing, caught on a platform. The quality of the stills was only passable, but the rendering wizards of the virtual world don’t need much to get the talent flowing.

Render – Tesla Semi spy shots transformed into something better 0

Peisert Design, the artist we’ve seen here on a few occasions – with renderings for the Mercedes-AMG Project One, and even a different take on the Tesla Semi – has imagined the possible design of the vehicle based on the spy shots. If the design turns out to be the real one, it’s certainly looking futuristic compared to regular semis. There’s a close competitor to talk about – Nikola One, and the artist makes sure to pit them both side by side. The semi truck arriving next month might be a pre-production prototype if we go by the spy shots, with missing side mirrors and door handles. So far, technical specifications indicate a range of 200 to 300 miles (322 to 483 kilometers), as well as semi-autonomous features.

Via Peisert Design