Rendered 2019 Land Rover Defender looks up to snuff for the usual tasks image

Land Rover knows the upcoming new generation Defender is a potential deal breaker – and could spell disaster if not done right – so they’re being coy on the model, postponing it until 2019.

This doesn’t mean the millions of fans all around the world need to suffer and while the wait is not going to get any shorter, at least our imagination can run wild. This is exactly what happened in this instance, where we have the next-generation Land Rover Defender digitally imagined for a variety of applications. We all know everybody loved the Defender for its capabilities – with the looks only becoming iconic over time – so regardless of its arrival date the future model will have to live up to pretty high expectations in terms of versatility. There are five renders here that may or may not be accurate about the next Defender – but we love to see it in action doing some of its chores anyways.

Up first is the Queen Elizabeth II Edition taking the 110 wheelbase model in crew cab configuration and having the Land Rover blue shade – everything else is kept simple with steel wheels and a front winch. The second iteration has Riot Control written all over it with the usual Police livery and bespoke auxiliary lighting and siren. In case things turn ugly there’s extra protection in the form of bulletproof body panels and windows. Warriors that feel the latter version had more to offer might like the SAS Pink Panther proposal – the Defender becomes a military vehicle that have been left more barren in order to lose weight. It does have a roll-cage and a machine gun mount alongside the necessary space for ammunition bags and sand ladders. There’s also a Camel Trophy version, the hardcore off-roader everyone expects to receive and even the Defender Twisted Edition that has the aftermarket tuner’s signature.

Via carwow.